Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Convert your libraries of DesignStudio .cut files

When the Cricut Craft Room is launched, only .gypsy and the new .ccr file formats will be supported.

DesignStudio .cut files will not function in the Cricut Craft Room.

To be able to use your libraries of .cut files in the Cricut Craft Room, you may want to start converting your files to .gypsy format now.

Don't worry -- you do not need a Gypsy to do this. All you need to do is use DesignStudio and follow the instructions below.

To convert your files to .gypsy format, simply use the Save As ... command in DesignStudio.

For example, I have some calendar files that I painstakingly created in DesignStudio. Although they will be much easier to create in CCR, I don't want to have to do that all over again for all my files.

I haven't used DesignStudio in months now that I have had access to CCR even though it is still in beta testing. It is wonderful to have a tool like CCR that starts practically instantaneously!!! What a pain it is to sit and wait until DesignStudio starts. Not only that, but designing is so much easier with CCR.

To convert your files

To convert your .cut files to .gypsy format, just open your existing .cut file as I have done in the image above.

In the menu in the top left corner of your screen, click the File menu option and then click Save As ...

By default, DesignStudio saves files in .cut format as shown in the next screen.

To save your file in .gypsy format, just click the Save as type button and choose Gypsy files (*.gypsy) as shown below.

The file extension is changed for you and you can click the Save button and continue to convert the rest of your files.


  1. boy i better get to it i have like 1000 cut files.
    Ann W

  2. Do you know when the CCR is going to be available. If it isn't for awhile and you convert everything to gypsy file then you can't use the file in DS anymore. If I had a date then I could gage when to start converting!!

  3. Hi Denise, the latest date I've heard was end of April. I'm not saying that you won't be able to use the files in DS anymore -- that is not a problem. The only issue is that CCR will not be able to read .cut files. It will only be able to read .gypsy files. When the program is discontinued, it only means that they won't continue developing or marketing it, but users who have it will still be able to use it.


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